Event concept

BELLARENA EVENTS is much more than just a series of concerts; the concept offers an innovative artistic experience.

The BCF Arena is transformed into a magical place thanks to cutting-edge mapping and lighting technologies.

Art Music Production Ltd. are putting on a completely new music show. In the center of Fribourg, solutions to minimise waste are being applied and electricity is being generated by solar panels on the roof of the BCF Arena. The concept represents an important ecological turnaround and aims to achieve an ambitious medium-term goal: “zero waste”.

It also relies on the use of public transportation and reinforces its ecological character by using an existing infrastructure instead of building new venues from scratch. It also promotes a cost-effective approach by maximising the use of a pre-existing site with all its amenities.

With a protected indoor area, BELLARENA EVENTS eliminates meteorological uncertainties and thus guarantees an uninterrupted show regardless of the weather.