Multi-award-winning artist with over 6 million albums sold, GIMS creates music where eclecticism is of rigueur.

Author, composer, producer and performer, GIMS is the source of a multitude of hits, including the unmissable “Sapés comme jamais”, which won him a Victoire de la musique award in 2016. Each of his albums is a triumph, and in September 2019, he becomes the first French-speaking rapper to fill the Stade de France.

With each of his albums, he collaborates with international stars including Sting, Soolking, Carla Bruni, Vitaa and Maluma. His latest opus, “Les dernières volontés de Mozart” (Mozart’s Last Will and Testament) includes numerous hits, including “Après vous madame” feat. Soolking, « Demain » feat. Carla Bruni, « Si Te Llamo » feat. Maluma!